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Train The Online Trainer

The time for online training is now!!!

Get Online certification!!!

Are you ready to take up Train the Online Trainer assignments?

Are you willing to cash in on the booming e-learning segment, projections currently at 10 million users in India alone, and a 350 billion dollar business worldwide?

Guess what? Education will never be the same again, as it was prior to COVID, will it?……….. It will not be constrained to local PIN codes, it will cross geographical boundaries and will have a global reach.

The lockdown has clearly accelerated the change which was already on its way.

Are you ready for this ONLINE Training certification course?





Within no time, you will be proficient at training online.


Train the Online Trainer (TOLT)

The virus has changed our lives!!! Change is the only permanent thing. You have access to online training all over India. At TRAINWELL, you will experience one of the MOST SUCCESSFUL AND INSPIRING LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM

Be a confident trainer!!!

Our courses will enable you to be an effective and knowledgeable trainer. Our facilitators are extremely proficient and skilled thereby ensuring a high level of competency as in a face to face training even in an online training program.

For whom?

Are you an HR professional, a Technical Trainer, Process Trainer, a Soft Skills Trainer, an IELTS Trainer, an Organisational Leader, or a Budding Entrepreneur. You could even be a Corporate Trainer, a Personality Development Trainer, an English Trainer, or a Teacher.

By whom?

Our trainers are qualified, certified, and recognized worldwide!!! Accredited with numerous certifications and credentials, we are here to provide you with the best. Our competent team of experts, trainers, psychologists, MBA professionals all are well equipped years of experience behind them.


How are we different?

We have a range of certified trainers who build confidence, create that instant rapport, and make you a perfect trainer!!! And all of this is done online. In the world of uncertainty, our trainers have learned to adapt and utilize all online tools to make you a professional online trainer!!!

Learning Objectives

Participants will…

  1. Develop confidence to prepare and modify the content, class discussion material.
  2. Take your delivery style to a new level.
  3. Adapt to the communication tools and voice management.
  4. Develop alternate methods of improving interaction with participants.
  5. Get instant feedback during live sessions.
  6. Familiarize yourself with the ever-evolving technology platforms.
  7. Make their sessions effective and impactful.

Note: Read more on course content

Train the Online Trainer Course Content/Syllabus

Learn the right skills and tips!

1.Use of technical features like Screencasts, Voiceovers, animated PPTs, utilization of videos, narratives, etc.

2.Workshops revolve around experimenting with new tools and techniques, innovative ways to present the content online, tips to captivate the attention of trainees, fighting the network issues, creating fillers that would bridge the gaps in online technical difficulties, altered ways of communication, etc.

3.An In-built online pre-assessment and post-assessment evaluation procedure in place.

4. Data storage and sharing systems using digital tools can be easily tracked online.

5.Surveys, polls, quizzes, activities utilized to engage participants with the learning during live online interactive training sessions.. 6.Discussion forums and written and spoken feedback.

7.Special modules to learn how to reduce distractions, there will be reinforcements.

8.Appropriate scoring keys have been developed.

9.Home assignments would give more clarity and insight into the training delivery.

How are we different at TRAINWELL?
Train the Online Trainer course in INDIA!!!

1.We at TRAINWELL provide structured lessons and visual material in online sessions.

2.Visual cues capture and captivate attention and retain information

3.The content has a lot of awe-inspiring structured stories and narratives leading the participants to remain glued to the session.

4.This thereby ensures fewer distractions.

5.Here, we encourage enough participation from the trainees to eliminate monotony and boredom.

6.The sessions are interactive enough to compensate for the richness of the face to face sessions.

7.Stimulating and encouraging questions are asked.

8.This would motivate the trainees to remain focused on the learnings of the session.

9.Our trainers are experienced in online training sessions and have delivered on various and diverse platforms.

10.Thus, this experience is something that we are proud of and can utilize to reach out to a majority of the employees in your organization.

Duration of the course:
30 hours
  • A working condition laptop/PC/ mobile device with a camera phone.
  • A good stable network/internet is a must.
  • Preferably a quiet room/a room with less background noise or disturbances.
  • That's it !!! You are all set for the training!!!.


Mrs. Mohua Sinha
Training Consultant

M.Com, Dip (corporate training), MBA (HR)

Mr. Sunil Thakur
Consultant, Director

B Tech, MBA.

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