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3-Day program for working professionals that helps to create IMPACTFUL Trainers to Transform individuals

For organization and individuals

  • TRAIN SMART program is designed primarily for young professionals who want to enhance and polish their delivery skills is suitable for – trainers, faculty professionals, and organizational development practitioners. but also greatly benefit anyone within an organization who is responsible for developing others, from managers to HR professionals.Read More
  • TRAIN SMART program is practical and a hands on learning experience, not a just theoretical conceptual discussion. This program focuses on how to prepare for a training session and how to plan and execute a cutting edge delivery session. Read more
  • A high impact workshop that will enhance your training skills and add that critic edge to your training sessions thereby helping you to bring about the desired progressive and permanent change in participants.Read more

For whom?

HR / Tech professionals entering “training domain”

Freelancer Trainers

Faculty members in management institutes

Key components of the Program

Content & Module Development

Practical activity based sessions to develop key instructional design concepts that will enable participants to focus on critical skills.

Trainer as a leader

Tools to develop your own unique style, suited to personality,
and develop a b
professional presence.

Powerful Personality

Personal development of the participant to evolve as a confident speaker,influencer and
a change creator.

We train people on how to train.

"Train To Transform"

  • Introduction of modern training concepts.

  • Effective Communication.

  • Influencing and power of Rapport.

  • Creating powerful Presentations.

Use the unique EAT principle

The primary objective of Train the Trainer program is to create positive changes in the training skills and behaviour of the participants. TRAINWELL experience is built upon a primary belief that learners absorb their learning better if he or she has a direct rapport with the trainer / mentor. All the knowledge sharing that happens during training sessions impact the participants in a more effective manner. The activities, the lectures and the discussions are all centred around the learning process. The absorption of the knowledge and skill development by engaging the participants in an interactive environment is done thereby making the learning widespread. Real life experiences are also shared. Thus the principle of our training methodology - the EAT principle.

395 participants have become unique professionals over the last few years through our academy's personalized approach ...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.Is the TRAINWELL’s TRAIN the TRAINER program a standard curriculum or a customised program as per the needs of the participants’ group?
Yes, every program module is customised and modified to suit the participant's needs and requirements even though there are regular topics that need elaboration.

Q2.How will your TTT / T3 program benefit me?
It will help participant / trainee acquire the necessary skills and guidance to carry out practice assignments in various modules, such as content development, training delivery etc.

Q3.Why TRAINWELL’s TTT/ T3 program and not other academies’ /consultancies' programs? What is the difference?
All consultancies programs’ have their advantages but in TRAINWELL's case its – “hands-on learning” and participative and activity oriented methodology, to the training methodology, that helps to make learning and fun and practical process and enables learning in each participant.

Q4.What is the group size of the program / course ?
Normal group sizes are in the range of 6 to 12, but in exceptional cases TRAINWELL customises programs for even smaller batches.

Q5.what is the main focus of the content in the TTT/ T3 program of TRAINWELL
The primary focus of the content is to provide instructor – led opportunity to participants to design, develop and deliver programs as in as real environment as possible and corporate type formal atmosphere.

Q6.Are there any pre and post assessment tools to ensure impactful training ?
Each program commences with a pre assessment and a discussion session in order to provide opportunity to the trainee for specific areas of learning. Similarly, half way and at the end of program assessments, evaluation and feedback is provided to the participants. This enables them to get a sense of the changes in their performance.

Q7.Will this training program improve my self confidence as a trainer?
Confidence is the primary requirement for any successful trainer. The program provides opportunity to deliver Presentations and design and prepare content and display material. The delivery, in front of live audience ensures tremendous confidence to the participant. Every participant walks out with comfort and control over his delivery style and his subject preparation.

Q8.What is the duration of the training classes/program?
Training sessions are designed in different formats such as 55 hours for full program for fresher’s, 20 hours for existing trainers who want to upgrade, get certification. The workshop model is for 2 days: 8 to 10 hours essentially meant for practicing faculty members in management institutes and coaching centres.

Q9.Is there a certification to the program / an affiliation for the participants , the trainers and is the certificate valid globally as well?
The certification is provided by TRAINWELL and we can assist in providing AIMA certification and also certain internal links for certifications.

Q10.Which languages are used while delivering this program?
The program requires reasonable proficiency in English language and the certifications are also in English.

Q11.How many years of experience do the trainers have?
All the trainers are certified and have over 10 to 12 years of relevant experience (See the team TRAINWELL).

Q12.What is different about your training techniques?
Live classes, hands on experience, unique opportunity to design and develop the content and tools to develop the content effectively.

Q13.Can you be sure of eliminating cultural barriers in your program?
Cultural diversity can help us to learn different perspectives of the group and many times it is an added advantage for a given situation. As long the medium of communication is commonly understood, it not a challenge for the experienced trainers as all the group members in every batch have several differences any ways.

Q14.What makes a person an effective trainer?
A successful and effective trainer brings about the desired change in skills or the behaviour of participants, depending on the format of the program. The successful trainer will have necessary confidence and skills and of course the expertise in the domain that he or she is working on.

Q15.What is the facilitator: participants ratio in your company?
Ratio of facilitator to participant is 1 is to 10.

Q16.What if I am not satisfied with the outcome of the training ?
There has never been any situation where the participant has been be dissatisfied because there are regular feedback and evaluation sessions to monitor the learning process. Wherever required, the necessary amendments are made to specific modules.

Q17.Why is this program necessary or experienced trainers ?
Training & Development initiatives are continuously evolving like many other human resource development and professional skills. Upgradation is essential to stay abreast in today’s world as new technology and techniques are coming up rapidly. effort is to provide state of the art service to the training and learning community.

Program format

REGULAR Program - 30 hours for Freshers, entry level, budding free lancers.

2 days a week 2 hours over 15 sessions including practical assignments .

Workshop model for existing faculty members, executives with change of functional responsibilities, Managers with large work force. Limited seats Personalized attention .

2/3 days week end programs 6 hours each day.
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