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Business Communication level

Advanced Communication / Speaking English Course – Online Training
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Business Communication Level 1

Business Communication Level 1

Our Business communication course will enable you to communicate effectively and enhance your interpersonal skills- at a Business meeting, during presentations, with clients, at your college, with your family at home, with peers over a cup of tea, or with neighbours. Trainwell assists you polishing your communication skills in more ways than one.

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Business Communication Level 2

Business Communication Level 2

So, first of all, Kudos on reaching an advanced level in your English language studies! You should be proud of the level you have achieved, but remember that there is always scope for improvement. You can always be better! At higher levels of language learning, it is widespread to reach a lull—a point where you feel like you are no longer growing.

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How is it going to work for you?

1.You can easily to bridge the gap between “where you are and where you want to be”.
2.With online Communication skills training, you can end your hesitation by speaking confidently in public, among friends, or in your professional environment.
3.Activities like ESL Exercise & TED Talks help you to master the skills required to create a professional environment around you.
4.You will develop the skills needed to clear an interview.
5.You will understand the importance of Communication by interacting professionally with your clients and co-workers.

Benefits of Business Communication
Tips to improve Communication and ENGLISH SPEAKING Skills
Business Communication Steps

Communication Skills Level 1

  • Online communication skill training helps you develop skills to communicate effectively.
  • Speak fluent English with meaningful sentences using proper pronunciation.
  • se of phonetics, applied grammar to improve your communication.
  • Our Online communication skill courses help you save your time and open new paths of success by grooming your professional and interpersonal skills.

Individual sessions and group discussions.

  • Role Plays.
  • Individual and group sessions.
  • Fun activities.
  • Case Studies.
  • Communication: Effective Business Communication, Importance of pronunciation.
  • Verbal communication:Concepts and Practice, Intonation, Quality communication.
  • Business English Writing: Grammar, Vocabulary, Spelling, Phrases, Email-Etiquette.
  • Personality enhancement: Developing self- awareness, Public Speaking Confidence, Interpersonal skills.
  • Presentation skills: Preparing and delivering Presentations, Meeting Manners, Cover letters & Resume preparation.

Communication Skills Level 2

  • Learn different types of activities such as Collocation Pelmanism and Helen O’ Grady in which phrasal verbs are collided and presented in a form of charade.
  • Learn Idioms ,Proverbs, Phrases.
  • How to apply the poised grammar in every- day conversation.
  • Building influential English vocabulary.

  • Become well-versed with Advanced English Writing .
  • Speaking and Listening in English aren’t the same. You will explore the difference after this course.
  • Implement speaking and listening English in daily conversation with peers, clients, supervisors.
  • Frame structured sentences to accentuate your writing and speaking skills.
  • Practice writing skills in English with peers.
  • You will learn how to write professional emails to your manager/ client/ Co-workers.
  • You will learn how to draft a business correspondence required at work.
  • Improve your reading skills – Focus on syllable word stress and Intonation.
  • Extempore and Group discussions to make you converse well in English and speak impromptu.
  • Learn the difference between Normal English vs Advanced English.
  • Analysis and Evaluation of what you have learned in the previous sections.
❖ Special attention on RWLS
❖ What will you gain
  • Have a thorough understanding of Advanced English Grammar.
  • Master your listening and speaking skills through practicing different accents.
  • Upgrade your understanding of complex sentences and complicated readings.
  • Improve your communication skills to have fluent conversations.
  • Extend your professional and personal environment by expanding vocabulary range.
  • Be well prepared for your competitive exams.

Mohua Sinha Trainer

Mrs. Mohua Sinha


Mohua Sinha. A certified corporate trainer from Vancouver UBC. She has been conducting training programs for business communication and English Enhancement courses for IT and non-IT professionals. She has expertise in competitive exams such as IELTS, GRE, GMAT, and TOEFL. She is a motivational speaker, soft skill trainer, and an Image consultant.

Program Duration: 30 hours, Batch size: 12
Online platform: Zoom/ Blue Jeans/ Google Meet
Session duration: 1:30 minutes
Format:  live interactive through audio/video and virtual class rooms
Spot and home assignments: participants must spend 30 minutes per day and return assignments
Duration and Format Length:  4 weeks
Self-Effort: 3–5 hours per week
Price:  dd a Verified Certificate for ₹
Subject: Communication
Level:  Introductory
Language: English
Video Transcripts: English
Course Type: Online- Self-paced on your time


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